Toast bagel in the oven – how to prepare?

Did you know that you can toast a bagel in a standard household oven? That’s right. Your fancy toaster oven actually has a larger version of itself located under your stove in your kitchen!

In fact, ovens are great for toasting bagels if you don’t have a toaster, if your toaster oven broke, or really for any situation. Bagels are really great, and there are so many combinations of toppings to put on them. They’re the ultimate breakfast food, so why not try cooking them in the oven?

Is Toasting Your Bagel Even Worth It?

By the time a bagel gets to you, it’s already been boiled and baked! Is there even sense in toasting a bagel in the oven? I mean, all that time heating up and cooking, just to eat a bagel?

Some famous chefs like to eat their bagels raw. Many people love the texture of a fresh bagel, making it understandable as to why toasting it would be undesirable.

But some bagels just taste better when they’re crunchy and warmed up. Plus, putting a bagel in the oven gives it a slower, smoother cooking process than trying to toast it as fast as possible. You’ll get a more perfectly done bagel, that’s cooked evenly inside & out.

How To Prepare A Bagel For The Oven

Ovens are great because they can simulate the original baking of the bagel. Here’s how to cook a bagel in the oven:

  1. Preheat your oven to 375° F. It’s good to wait until the oven is fully heated to this temperature. You want it to be really hot when the bagel goes in.
  2. Soak your bagel in luke-warm water. You can do this by pouring sink water onto it, or submersing it into a bowl of warm water. You want to keep it here for at least 60 seconds. To bake the bagel as authentically as possible
  3. Now you’re ready to toast! Put your bagel right on the center rack. For ease of grabbing later on, it might be wise to put it on a baking sheet first. However, the bagel can be toasted well either way.
  4. Check on your bagel until it appears fully toasted. This usually lasts a little under 5 minutes, but you can do more like 3 if you want a softer bagel. At this point, you can take it out and put whatever toppings you want on it. Enjoy!


The truth is, there’s no objective way to eat a bagel or cook one for that matter. While toaster ovens are convenient, there’s nothing wrong with using a conventional oven. In fact, bagels are first baked in an oven. This means that cooking them in an oven will give them a fresher, more authentic taste. The way you like to eat your food is up to you. We highly recommend experimenting with toppings, cooking methods, cooking duration, and even temperature. Most importantly, be safe around hot appliances, and prepare your food in whatever tastes the best for you.

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