Foil in the toaster oven – is it a good idea?

Aluminum foil is one of the most convenient ways to retain heat and all the other great properties of food. That makes it no wonder that it’s the hallmark of many cooked dishes. It’s used to bake our favorite pastries, cuts of fish, and even casseroles!

But should it go in a toaster oven? What do the experts say?

While foil may be safe in some circumstances, it’s not suitable for all toaster ovens. It’s also good to practice extreme safety when attempting to use foil in a toaster oven. Many experts warn that using foil with a toaster oven could cause it to break, or even catch on fire!

That doesn’t mean every toaster oven is created equal. Some manufacturers say that it’s fine when certain safety steps are taken.

Why Is Foil Bad In Some Cases?

It’s such a common cooking device, so why on Earth is foil a bad idea for many toaster ovens?

Remember how we talked about foil’s ability to retain heat? That’s not always a good thing. In a toaster oven, foil can quickly heat up to far hotter than what the little appliance can take. This is a major recipe for a fire. There have even been instances when entire buildings have been burnt up all from a toaster oven fire. It sounds silly, but overheated toaster ovens are extreme fire hazards.

Foil is an especially fatal combination with toaster ovens when it comes to the hot metal rods that heat up the toaster oven. You know, those bars that get all orange when the oven gets hot? Foil can start to burn up from the sheer heat of the inner oven, but if it touches one of those heaters, fire is pretty much inevitable.

Is My Toaster Oven Safe?

The easiest way to figure this out is to look for any information that is specific to your personal toaster oven. Maybe you have a manual for it somewhere. If not, you can probably look it up by typing the company and model of the toaster oven.

If you’re going to try to use foil, be sparing with it. Also, keep it compact, and away from any of those hot orange rots that line your oven.


Although many people get away with toaster oven use with aluminum foil on a daily basis, they can be easy fire starters, and extreme caution should be taken when dealing with the combination.

A great way to use foil in a safe manner is to wrap it around a toaster oven-safe dish. For example, if you have a small metal plate for holding things inside the oven, wrapping it in foil is a safe bet for lower-temperature oven use.

Even if you think your toaster oven can handle it, make sure to double-check with your manufacturer. If you can’t seem to find an answer, don’t risk it. Delicious, foil-wrapped food is great, but not great enough to risk a fire. Be cautious, and exercise good judgment.

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