The best soft ice cream? In your ice cream shop!

What should the perfect soft ice cream be like? Light, delicate and fluffy. With a delicious flavour and a round, gently curled shape. Matte, soft and creamy. How do you make the perfect soft ice cream? There is only one answer: choose the right soft ice cream mix.

Reliable solutions for catering businesses

Do you run an ice cream shop, café or restaurant and want to expand your offer with ice cream desserts? Opt for ready-made solutions. Soft ice cream from the machine is popular, easy to prepare and can be served by anyone. All you need is an ice cream machine and the right mix to make soft ice cream.

Soft ice cream from the ice cream machine

Preparing soft ice cream from the ice cream machine is very simple. The ice cream powder is mixed with water to form a smooth, plain base. Pour the base into the machine and refrigerate. The whole preparation process takes no more than 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you are ready to serve delicious and fluffy ice cream.

Soft ice cream mix – which one to choose?

What to consider when choosing the right mix for making soft ice cream? First of all, it’s all about the ingredients! The simpler the composition, the greater the chance that the product in your offer will be tastier. A ready mix enriched with high-end additives? Yes, it’s possible! Such solutions are used, for example, by the brand Lykke. There’s Van Houten’s renowned Dutch cocoa powder for the chocolate ice cream.

The ice cream

The most popular flavours of soft ice cream

You don’t need to a wide range of flavours for people to appreciate your ice cream. The classic flavours are enough – dairy and chocolate as well as fruit, specifically strawberry or blueberry. These are the most common and popular flavours – among adults as well as children.

Ice cream from an ice cream machine that looks appealing

Lykke ice cream is impressive not only for its taste and simple composition, but also for its appearance. Thanks to the rapid dissolving of the ice cream powder in the water, a perfectly smooth base can be created – making the ice cream creamy and fluffy. The ice cream freezes quickly, has a matte texture and doesn’t melt as fast.

Cost-effective ice cream from the ice cream machine

Could ice cream from the ice cream machine become a way to a profitable business? Certainly! Especially if you choose a high-quality ice cream mix. The price of ice cream varies between 80 pence and £2, while the cost of production is only about 10 pence.

Soft ice cream vs. twist ice cream?

Ice cream from the ice cream machine is not only soft ice cream. Twists are still extremely popular. The tall, hard-frozen twist ice cream has its loyal fans – and the amount of them keeps growing all the time. To offer your customers a wide selection of ice cream – introduce twist ice cream to your offer as well. You can also prepare them using Lykke ice cream mixes.

Soft ice cream mix and professional advertising support

When choosing an ice cream powder, it is worth paying attention to whether its manufacturer also offers advertising support in the form of ice cream images, posters, leaflets, menuboards. With these advertising materials, you can easily promote your ice cream shop and reach new customers. Powder ice cream manufacturer Lykke offers such support – the materials you receive can be freely used both in your shop as well as on your social media.

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