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How Long Does It Take For A Cake To Cool? +1 Amazing Test

How long does it take for a cake to cool? Should I wait for the cake to cool first before frosting? These are some of the main questions that commercial bakers always ask, especially when dealing with an urgent cake order.

Time plays a major role in baking, and it always forms one of the most critical factors that can either make or break your baking career. We understand how important this might be to you, and we will be letting you know exactly how long it takes for a cake to cool.

Before we address the “how long does it take for a cake to cool” question, let’s first cover the basics of making a perfect cake.

Why Should I Let The Cake Cool First?

Two main factors usually influence the outcome of your cake. These include temperature and sponge consistency. I know that many will agree with the argument that temperature plays a more prominent role in baking, which includes influencing the thickness of the sponge.

Given how different cake ingredients respond to different baking temperatures, it is only normal for bakers to continually ask how long does it take for a cake to cool?

Finding the best answer to this question will help you make the perfect cake for that pending order and help build your reputation as a commercial baker.

Allowing your cake to cool first always gives you the perfect timing to do frosting and icing. No matter how much pressure you might be under, it would be best if you let the cake cool first.

For instance, frosting primarily contains plenty of sugar and butter. Keeping in mind that these two inclusions do not always do well under hot and warm temperatures, you can easily end up soaking the cake in a slurry of melted frost if you do not let it cool down first.

I mean, which client would want a cake with partly firm frost on one side and melted slurry on the other. Of course, there are creative workarounds for such scenarios, but the point is that it is very easy to make a bigger mess if you do not let the cake cool first.

So, how long does it take for a cake to cool?

How Long Should I Wait?

Essentially, there are no specific timing periods set on a stone somewhere for you to wait for your cake to cool. The only rule of thumb to keep in mind is that you should at least wait until the sponge is firm enough.

Luckily, you can easily use the toothpick test to determine if the sponge in your cake is consistent all through. To do this, you must pierce the center of the cake and drive the toothpick to the middle. Leave it there for a few seconds before pulling it out.

Once it is out of the cake, you can easily tell if the cake is cool or warm from the general feel on the toothpick. If it is still warm, that means that the cake is not yet ready for dressing. In addition, you should check to see if part of the sponge is stuck on the sides of the toothpick. If it does, this signifies that your sponge is not yet consistent.

But exactly how long does it take for a cake to cool?

Under perfect conditions, your cake should take at least two hours to cool. If you are still unsure, you can consider the sponge firm once the toothpick feels cold and comes out without bits of the cake stuck to it.


Knowing the answer to the “how long does it take for a cake to cool” question often forms the most basic step in making the perfect cake. This article details how this influences sponge consistency, why it is important, and how long to wait for the cake to cool. We hope you will use this information to make some of the best cake designs for you and your customers. In the meantime, Here is more on the “how long does it take for a cake to cool” topic.

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