How long to let brownies cool?

Brownies might be the best snack ever devised by man. They’re easy to make and require minimal cooking knowledge. Best of all, they don’t follow some crazy recipe with a long list of ingredients.

We’ve all made brownies before, but few people know how long they take to cool. In this article, we’ll discuss that, and give you some tips for your future brownie baking experiences!

Brownie Cooling Time

The truth is, brownie cooling time is highly dependent on the situation. For example, brownies cooked in a glass pan will take much longer to cool than brownies in an aluminum pan. If they’re thick (and properly cooked), they will take even more time to cool. Plus, their overall temperature being baked, and time in the oven affects their cooling time as well.

The best rule for warm brownies is to wait about half an hour. If you want to dig in while they’re really hot, try them about 20 minutes after they came out of the oven. Can’t wait? You can always set them in the fridge. In that case, we recommend checking them around 10 or 15 minutes after having gone into it.


The perfect time to let brownies cool depends on a lot of things, mostly personal preference. If you’re really craving your brownies as soon as possible, get them into a cool environment, like a fridge or an open window blowing cold air. If you like your brownies hot, try a little bite about 20 minutes after they get out of the oven.

Although these numbers are likely to give you a good outcome, every oven, pan, and the recipe is different. There’s a lot of different factors at play, and the best way to find the perfect time is to experiment in your own kitchen. Good luck!

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