Cake drums - Cake Drums Round 10 Inches - (White, 12-Pack) - Sturdy 1/2 Inch Thick - Professional Smooth Straight Edges - Free Satin Cake Ribbon 12-pack Round - WHITE (Smooth Edge) - Image 1

The Top 11 Best Cake Drums You Can Buy Today


Cake drums are the ultimate way to bring charm and elegance to an event, all while keeping a sturdy base for your cakes and other dishes. Before you choose a cake drum however, it’s good to look at a few important factors when deciding what to buy. These include:

  • Quantity: Sometimes, cake drums might appear especially cheap or expensive for no apparent reason. Oftentimes, this is because there is a lot of them being sold in one package. The best way to find what quantity works for you is to think about what kinds of events you’ll need platters for. If you’re trying to get something for one specific, big event (like a wedding), go for quality over quantity. If you’re having a random get together (or something with a lot of trays), it may be wise to pick the biggest pack possible for maximum usage.
  • Material: Material is extremely important for a number of reasons. For one, the material you choose will determine how stable your cake is, and it could prevent disaster from striking. We recommend reinforced cardboard, or something of that nature. Also, the material on the outside will be visible to guests, and it’s smoothness could affect the cake. Try to find something made from aluminum if you want to avoid stains and grease easily.
  • Size: There’s a lot of different cake drums with varying circumferences and thicknesses. Some smaller boards/drums will work for simple cakes, but triple layer wedding cake might need some extra protection.

Cake drums – Best options

#1 – Round 10 Inch Cake Drums – (White, 12-Pack)

These awesome drums have a reputation for being great. They have an incredibly sturdy base, which can keep the proper form with ease. The edges have been smoothed out, meaning that the cake will appear light and elegant. You won’t have to worry about the edges diminishing the look of the cake. If you’re trying to find a product that will give your cake a more professional style, look no further. They’re great for tall cakes that have a heavy mass, and they’ll hold up an excessively sized cake in a pinch. All in all, they’re something you want to have in your collection if you’re serious about baking cakes.

Cake drums - Cake Drums Round 10 Inches - (White, 12-Pack) - Sturdy 1/2 Inch Thick - Professional Smooth Straight Edges - Free Satin Cake Ribbon 12-pack Round - WHITE (Smooth Edge) - Image 1

#2 – Cake Drums Round 10 Inches – (Silver, 12-Pack)

The process of baking a layered cake and setting it up is hard enough, but worrying about the stability and safety of your cake drum is even harder. With these epic silver cake drums, your worries can be left behind. They’ll make your baked goods stand out, and their powerful edges will dazzle viewers and make the baking process even easier. They’re thick, so nothing will happen to your cake!

Cake drums - Cake Drums Round 10 Inches - (Silver, 12-Pack) - Sturdy 1/2 Inch Thick - Professional Smooth Straight Edges - Free Satin Cake Ribbon 12-pack Round - SILVER (Smooth Edge) - Image 1

#3 – Cake Drums Round 8 Inches – (White, 12-Pack)

This is the cake drum trusted by professional decorators and cake design newbies alike. They have a nice finish, and their brand is known for great customer service! Buyers often note how sturdy they are, even for very tall cakes. Getting these drums will put you ahead of the competition, and give you a cake that comes out tall and put together. Some users complain of cheap wrapping, however, and many talk of grease stains. This problem can be fixed with some aluminum foil though!

Cake drums - Cake Drums Round 8 Inches - (White, 12-Pack) - Sturdy 1/2 Inch Thick - Professional Smooth Straight Edges - Free Satin Cake Ribbon - Image 1

#4 – 12 Inch Cake Drum

Looking for something that can hold up a three-tier (or higher) cake? You’re in luck! These awesome 12 inch cake drums will hold together nicely and make a beautiful addition to your beautiful cake. Buyers often say that the product is exactly as described and that it gets the job done with ease. This is a cake drum that will deliver, both in style and durability. It’s known as one of the sturdiest on the market, and its gorgeous shade makes it perfect for birthdays, white weddings, or any other holiday. It truly is beautiful with everything!

Cake drums - 12 Inch Cake Drum, Silver Round Boards Cardboard for Wedding (1/2 Inch Thick, 3 Pack) - Image 1

#5 – Spec101 Round Cake Drums, 12 Inch

The intricate pattern and smooth design of these cake drums will absolutely blow you away! They’ll add a new level of passion and elegance to your cake design experience. Guests and cake consumers will be impressed and delighted by the uniquely gorgeous design of this cake drum. Plus, it works for any occasion. Whether you’re a novice baker getting ready for a birthday party, or a professional catering to a wedding, these cake drums will get the job done for you with ease. The cake base is made of reinforced cardboard to ensure that bending, collapse, or instability will not be a possibility. You can rest assured that these cake drums will support your cakes with strength & glamour.

Cake drums - Spec101 Round Cake Drums, 12 Inch - 12pk White Cake Drum Boards with 1/2-Inch Thick Smooth-Edges - Image 1

#6 – Cake Drums Round 8 Inches – (White, 12-Pack)

Give your cakes the amazing look that they’ve always deserved with these amazing cake drums. Think about it: you work for hours and hours trying to make the perfect cake, that requires a lifetime of experience to create. Do you want that cake to be held up by some flimsy drum that could fall apart and ruin everything? Of course not! You want something that will truly last, something that will give you a sturdy base along with an elegant look. Plus, you’ll even get free rolls of cake ribbon with your purchase! Also, these cake drums have fully wrapped edges, with are better than typical smooth-edged cake drums. Butter, grease, and other oils won’t be a worry with this kind of well-crafted material.

Cake drums - Cake Drums Round 8 Inches - (White, 12-Pack) - Sturdy 1/2 Inch Thick - Fully Wrapped Edges - Image 1

#7 – Sturdy Silver Cake Drum 10 Inch 1/2″ Thick (10 Pack) + Matching Ribbon + Prop Up Tool

Are you searching for the ultimate cake drum deal? Look no further! In this incredible package, you get a generously portioned cake drum, along with a prop up tool AND matching cake ribbon! Our favorite part? You won’t have to cover it in foil or other wraps because the drum itself is MADE out of aluminum. Not only does it save you from grease and other issues, but it also helps create a flawless design that guests will admire. The ultra-powerful 10-inch cake drum can hold pretty much any reasonably sized cake. The prop up tool will elevate your experience, both physically and metaphorically.

Cake drums - Sturdy Silver Cake Drum 10 Inch 1/2

#8 – Round Cake Boards for Baking (12 In, Gold, 3 Pack)

Now here are some cake boards that really stand out. They look like something that would appear at a royal ball. These gold-plated aluminum masterpieces will not only make the cake itself prettier when you attach it on, but they’ll also keep their finish as the cake is removed. Why is this? Despite having a gold finish, their aluminum base keeps them from getting grease stains! Plus, the standard gold coloring makes them great for baby showers, office events, weddings, birthdays, casual social gatherings, professional social events, and more!

Cake drums - Round Cake Boards for Baking (12 In, Gold, 3 Pack) - Image 1

#9 – White Cake Box with Gold Round Drum

Here’s a combo that every cake enthusiast needs to have at home: a cake box that goes along with a drum! Perfect for cakes with a lot of layers, this combo will take care of pretty much any baking-related situation that may arise when needing a cake drum. Putting it in a well-crafted box just makes it that much more professional. The gold on these cake drums really has a shine that can’t be compared. They look like they were just minted yesterday!

Cake drums - 10

#10 – 12 Inch Cake Board Drums Round

These incredibly designed silver drums go with pretty much every cake. They have a smooth layout and minimalist design that will blend in, and work well with it all! They even have a built-in layer of tin foil to protect from grease, frosting, and other possible contaminants! These sellers even give generous discounts for buying in bulk. It’s an easy choice if you’re serious about cakes and keeping them sturdy.

Cake drums - 12 Inch Cake Board Drums Round, 5PCS Cake Boards Rounds Sturdy 1/2

#11 – Professional Smooth Round Cake Drums

These epic cake drums are made for professionalism. They have a smooth exterior that really creates a feeling of high-class elegance. Not only are they great for cakes, but they can also hold a variety of other foods with ease. For example, fine parties across the globe might have waiters delivering appetizers on these platters. They can hold cupcakes, or even be the base for a gingerbread house. Wedding showers, bridal showers, or other formal events are perfect for these. If you’re having trouble deciding which cake drums to get, these are your best option. Their price is fair, their look is fancy, and they work for any occasion. Even if you’re not big on cakes, these are bound to be a perfect fit for some of your favorite foods. Even pies and pizzas can be held up sturdily with these incredibly strong drums!

Cake drums - Professional Smooth Round Cake Drums, Silver Foil Wrapping (10 in, 12 Pack) - Image 1


In conclusion, finding the ultimate cake drums is a process that can be greatly helped by figuring out exactly what you want. By having a firm idea of the cake drum you’re looking for, you can find a quality product more easily. We strongly recommend looking at the features and previous reviews of the cake drums listed above, and we’re sure one of the amazing selections on this list will meet your needs.

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