How long are brownies good for?

Brownies will probably go down in history as one of the greatest deserts of all time. They’re easy to make, simple, and most importantly, they taste amazing.

They seem to be at every bakery, grocery store, and junk food aisle. But due to their simplicity, brownies are frequently enjoyed as homemade treats. After all, everything is better when it’s homemade!

This is why it’s so easy to find yourself in a situation with excess brownies. They seem to appear out of thin air. These days, all it takes is a mix, wet ingredients, and a pan. If you can work with those, you can pretty easily generate a few dozen brownies.

The question then arises: how long are brownies good for? After all, these tasty treats are easy to bake in bulk, and there’s no fun in having to throw away delicious creations.

So How Long Do Brownies Last?

The truth is, the shelf life of brownies depends on how you store them. This usually means about half a week covered at room temperature, a week in the fridge, and a few months in the freezer. However, it’s not entirely unsafe to let them go a bit longer. Some people report eating brownies that have been safely stored in a room temperature environment up to a week later, and in the fridge up to a month later. Do we recommend it? Absolutely not. Can we stop you? Nope. But we strongly urge you to err on the side of caution.

Brownies can also last longer depending on how they were made. If you bought brownies from the internet, they’re good for a little bit longer than usual (because they were made to sit in a package). This also applies to those commercial brownies you can find in most candy sections of a store. With homemade stuff, it’s better not to hold onto your brownies for as long.

Brownie Storage

The best way to store brownies depends on two things: how moist the brownies are and how long you plan on keeping them. Cold temperatures tend to reduce the moistness of food over time. If your brownies are already kind of dry, they may become worse in the fridge, and inedible in the freezer. But if your brownies have a wetter consistency, they’re fine for colder temperatures.

No matter how you store them, it’s always best to keep them totally sealed from the outside world. This means aluminum foil, Ziploc bags, Tupperware, or a combination.


In conclusion, brownies are a fantastic treat that can be stored with ease. Not only are they great the day you get them, but their simplicity makes them delicious days, weeks, or even months afterwards. The amount of time that a brownie lasts depends on a lot of factors, like ingredients, moistness, and how they were cooked. In any case, it’s always better to throw out perfectly good brownies than to get food poisoning. Use good judgment, stay cautious, and you’ll be alright. Good luck!

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