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The 9 Best Star Wars Cookie Jars Available On the Market


This fall, it’s time to get cozy with cookie jars that are Star Wars themed! There’s no better way to wait out the cold weather through this holiday season than by baking treats and watching your favorite Space opera. Below, we’ve compiled the best cookie jars with Star Wars themes on the internet. Before we take a look at them, let’s go over some key factors to look at before selecting a Star Wars cookie jar:

Factors to consider

  1. Look – If you’re looking at cookie jars that are Star Wars themed, the most important thing will probably be the aesthetic design of the jar. After all, you want something that really drives home the Star Wars appeal. There’s a range of products to look at here, from iconic characters like Yoda and Chewbaca over to more esoteric designs from later canon. Maybe you’re more of a dark side person. In that case, we have some epic Darth Vader jars on this list, as well as a number of sleek battle droids.
  2. Cost – Suprisingly enough, there is a wide range of cookie jar prices that can fit any budget. At the higher end of the spectrum, you’ll find jars that can be as much as $100 or so. These are usually collectors items that focus on long term storage and design. They make great purchases for people that like artisinal work. Plus, they’ll be worth even more money in the years to come. Don’t worry though! There are plenty of budget cookie jars that work just fine. For ceramic, you’re looking at a jar that costs somewhere around 20 or 30 dollars at the very least. This is a really great deal though, because ceramic can last you years, and serve as a great decorative item that shows you have good taste.
  3. Design – Depending on the size of your kitchen (or whereever else you decide to put a Star Wars cookie jar), you might want to have something that is smaller or has a more conventional shape. It’s also good to pay attention to the seal of the jar. Some of them are stronger than others. If you’re planning on long term treat storage, be sure to grab something that can keep everything air tight!

Star Wars Cookie Jar – Best Options

#1 – Vandor Solo: Chewbacca Cookie Jar Canister

Now, this is an epic cookie jar for anyone that loves cookies! It’s a real beauty and doesn’t look corny like many cookie jars. Plus, it comes with extra pieces that are held on by a strong magnet. This is really fantastic engineering and means you don’t have to worry about damage or other problems down the line. Many buyers comment about how the jar is bigger than expected, and the changeable eyes and mouth are just an added bonus. It even comes with a box that can easily be wrapped.

Many people also admire its practical applications. For example, it’s got great big grips that are easy to hold onto. This sure is a premium item that won’t disappoint, and it’ll last you years!

#2 – Star Wars BB-9E Sculpted Ceramic Cookie Jar

Our favorite part of this Star Wars cookie jar is how well the visual design works with practical application. This epic, first-order Star Wars cookie jar is dark and brooding, with ample storage for all of your cookies! Many people describe that the seal is a bit loose, but this can be easily fixed with a bit of plastic wrap. It’s super cute and manages to create something cool out of a lesser-known Star Wars character, and frankly, it’s super cool and edgy looking.

Star wars cookie jar - Vandor Star Wars The Last Jedi BB-9E Sculpted Ceramic Cookie Jar - Image 1

#3 – Star Wars R2-D2 Ceramic Cookie Jar

Here’s a sweet Star Wars cookie jar that is great in both price and quality. Your cookie-eating experience will be an out-of-this-world trip in a galaxy far, far away! Not only will you be able to have a neat Star Wars item to add to your collection, but you’ll also have something that can store a TON of cookies. If you’re looking for an item that will be immediately recognizable, this is the Star Wars cookie jar for you. It’s sleek, affordable, and spacious. This droid is crafted from high-quality ceramic, with a detachable lid allowing for quality storage. This is the ultimate geeky home decor choice! Did we mention how much it can hold? Don’t just use it for your cookies! Feel free to add candy or other treats to keep them from getting stale. You won’t regret this purchase!

Star wars cookie jar - Star Wars R2-D2 Ceramic Figural Cookie Storage Jar - Image 1

#4 – Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Cookie Jar

Behold, the ultimate sith gift for your dark side friends! This top-notch ceramic Star Wars cookie jar specializes in detail. It has a really beautiful finish and the Skywalker patriarch looks menacing and elaborative in this epic piece. Notice how the piece comes with the buttons on his suit, as well as embellishments on his cape. Wow. This is a Star Wars cookie jar that really focuses on style. The dark colors make it great for kitchens of any style, or the ultimate geek layer. Here’s a truly premium item, that buyers tend to rave about. It’s sturdily designed, and an all-out great piece of art.

#5 – Silver Buffalo Star Wars Nom Frogs Canister in Blue/Green

If you’re not into the whole geekiness and evil of the “dark side”, this ADORABLE Baby Yoda canister is just what you’re looking for. Featuring a cute image of Baby Yoda playing with frogs as in Mandalorian, you’ll impress friends and have the most gorgeous cookie jar of anyone around! It’s got a really tasteful, old-fashioned handle that looks nice and is easy to grip. The delicate picture of Baby Yoda will have you remembering that this jar is handwash only and that it’s a great bargain for such a low price! Customers consistently speak highly of it.

Star wars cookie jar - Silver Buffalo Star Wars Mandalorian Nom Frogs Large Canister Ceramic Cookie Jar, Blue/Green - Image 1

#6 – Star Wars Death Star Ceramic Cookie Jar

Want something that’ll impress your friends, looking modern and cool as it sits ominously in your kitchen? This cookie jar is it. Due to the unique shape of the Death Star, finding a place to store it, and putting cookies in it will be a piece of cake! The grey color is not only true to the film but it also has a fantastic sense of versatility. This means that you can put this recognizable jar anywhere, and it will fit. This premium, thick ceramic will keep cookies fresh and shoot laser beams at Alderaan at the same time (just kidding about that last part). But seriously, it’s an honestly well-made jar that just happens to have a totally cool design. You’ve got to have this amazing Star Wars collector’s item!

Star wars cookie jar - Seven20 Star Wars Death Star Ceramic Figural Cookie Jar | Food Storage Jar for Candy, Spice | Flour and Sugar Containers with Lids, Home & Kitchen Canisters for Counter Top - Image 1

#7 – Silver Buffalo Star Wars Cookie Jar, Large, black

If you’re looking for something a little more retro and original, this vintage-style cookie jar is exactly what you need. It’s got a super cool design of Darth Vader, complete with stormtroopers, TIE fighters, and even the death star! Complete with a Death Star Handle and a red menacing Star Wars logo, this really has it all. Besides the sleek black finish, this epic cookie jar has a powerful grooved lid, which means your cookies won’t get stale for quite some time.

Star wars cookie jar - Silver Buffalo SW1338EG Star Wars Cookie Jar, Large, black - Image 1

#8 – Star Wars Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker Figural Cookie Jar

Here is a wacky cookie jar that works not only as storage, but a great way to test friends on their knowledge of Star Wars trivia. Made from premium ceramic molding, you’ll be sure to have an amazing cookie storage that suits all of your treat needs! This is also great if you want something that doesn’t scream “cookie jar”. It has a really inconspicuous lid that is easy to take on and off, but hard to spot from afar. This makes it great as a nice decorative piece to sneak away in your kitchen.

Star wars cookie jar - Star Wars Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker Figural Cookie Jar - Image 1

#9 – Star Wars Clone Trooper Collector’s Cookie Jar

Are you a fan of the prequels? So are we! What better way to finish off this list than with a totally rad clone trooper cookie jar! This jar is super neat because it uses the shoulders of the clone as the base, and the head opens up to form the jar itself. It’s got a super high gloss finish that really makes the blacks blues pop out. With such an intricate piece, some worry about if it will get damaged during shipping. However, it comes in incredibly well-made packaging, ensuring users get their jar in mint condition. It’s consistently ranked highly among Star Wars fans, cookie enjoys, and artists alike!


We hope that this list gives you some great choices for Star Wars cookie jars. There’s a lot of factors to consider when buying them, and it’s great to know what you want before you start looking. Regardless, Star Wars is an awesome fandom, and there’s a great number of cookie jars out there for every budget, look, and need! We hope this list has served you well, and that you get one of these awesome jars for your future use. Good luck!

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