Angel food cake

Can you freeze the angel food cake?

We’ve all been there: you’re feasting on the most delicious angel food cake you’ve ever had, and it dawns on you that you might want to keep enjoying this treat indefinitely. Plus, you’ve got some extra and you don’t want this angelic treat to go to waste.

So you keep the cake in the fridge, but then life gets in the way. Maybe you don’t have room there to store it, or maybe there’s so much other good food to snack on that you forget all about eating it. A few days go by, and then a week. You’re starting to panic.

“Can I even eat this?” you start to ask yourself. “Will it go bad? What if I put it in the freezer?”

Yes! Angel food cake is best stored in the freezer long-term, where it can stay anywhere from 4 to 6 months.

There’s something so magical about the airy fragility of angel food cake. Unfortunately, the lack of butter or heavy cream in it makes it prone to drying out, so it’s best when frozen as soon as possible. So what’s the right way to freeze angel food cake?

The Proper Way To Freeze Angel Food Cake

  1. Cut the cake into smaller pieces – Think about how much a good serving is, and slice what you have into pieces of your preferred size.
  2. Wrap each piece in multiple layers – Using plastic or tin foil, completely smother each piece individually. By doing them thoroughly and individually, you’ll ensure that every piece is convenient and free from freezer burn for months to come.
  3. Put all the layers into a ziploc bag – This will further protect them whilst in the freezer long term.
  4. Write the date you freeze them – You can also write “FOUR MONTHS” to know when your angel food cake might start to be past its prime.

This is a solid way to keep angel food cake fresh, but it’s a great way to protect most foods from freezer burn.

Keep in mind that anything added to the cake will make it heavier and denser when it freezes. If you can, avoid the strawberries and frosting unless you’re okay with eating them parts after long-term freezing. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to let your cake sit out for a few hours before digging in.

Digging Back In: How To Eat Your Angel Food Cake After Freezing

After letting your cake thaw out for a while, you’re letting it reach the prime time to be eaten. If you wait too long, it will now turn nasty (even if you try to freeze it again). So slap on some cool whip, some fresh berries, and maybe some berry sauce! That’ll keep it nice and moist, so you can get it as close as possible to that totally fresh taste.

Never leave out angel food cake for more than a day or two. Most importantly, don’t eat old food for the sake of eating food. Only consume things that are relatively new and free from degradation and nastiness.

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